Carol A. McElwee

Carol A. McElwee

Carol A. McElwee

Republican candidate for Maine House District 149 from Caribou

Running against Ginette M. Rivard. View your ballot →

Is Maine too generous in providing social services to its residents? Which government benefits should be increased or decreased?

Yes, welfare benefits

Do you support expanding or raising the sales tax to lower the state income tax? Why or why not?

Yes , moderately, a raise in the sales tax would help ME citizens with management of day to day economics.

Do you support marijuana legalization in Maine, as outlined in Question 1?


Please explain your answer. (Not required)

I do NOT feel it is good for the State of MAINE. There is a dangerous alcohol and drug addiction now!

Do you support raising taxes on Mainers with incomes above $200,000 to increase state aid to education, as outlined in Question 2?


Please explain your answer. (Not required)

The State of Maine promised to contribute 55 percent of support to education back in 1955 which has yet to be fulfilled - this is a program which can achieve this goal!

Do you support universal background checks for firearm sales, as outlined in Question 3?


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I do not think the bill is well-written!

Should Maine raise its minimum wage, as outlined in Question 4?


Please explain your answer. (Not required.)

I feel it is economically necessary for the citizens of Maine.

Do you support the initiative to use ranked-choice voting to elect state and federal officials in Maine, as outlined in Question 5?


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I do not think it is constitutionally valid.

Should Maine prioritize law enforcement efforts to intercept drug traffickers over expanding access to substance abuse treatment, such those that incorporates medications like methadone and Suboxone?

Yes, I believe these drugs become a crutch to those addicted.

Should Maines constitutional officers -- the secretary of state, the attorney general, auditor and the treasurer -- continue to be elected by the Legislature or by statewide popular vote?

Elected by the Legislature!

Is the size of Maines Legislature appropriate? Should the pay for legislative service be increased?

Size of the House could be decreased. Yes, there should be an increase in legislative pay.

Would you support sanctioning another elected official if he or she made public comments or statements that were considered racist, offensive or prejudicial?

I would not approve of such behavior.

Would you support a so-called right to work law in Maine?


Would you support legislation or a ballot question to allow more casinos in Maine?


What is the biggest barrier to economic development in Maine and what can the Legislature do to address it?

TAXES! Better business climate!

Census data show Maines population is aging and decreasing, with some economists suggesting that immigration is the best way to reverse those trends. What should the state do to address this demographic trend?

More jobs available for the youth and more training. Keeping more elderly involved in the business community for their knowledge and skills.

What is the most pressing issue in Maine these questions have not addressed?

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